C. 1750-1293 BC - New Kingdom Period
A beautiful necklace with a selection of bright blue tubular faience beads; typical of the New Kingdom period; leading to a green amulet of Mau or Bastet to the centre with two white Eye of Horus amulets with incised linear decoration either side; dating to the late period.
Eye of Horus means: “Whole One”. It is a symbol of protection and was believed to have healing powers.
Bastet; the cat goddess who represented the healing power of the sun and was seen as a protector of cats and those who cared for them.
Eye of Horus also known as Uzat eye's were probably a pair; right and left which represented the two eye's of Hours; and were also compared to the sun and moon. One of the earliest amulets.
A beautifully restrung wearable necklace with a modern clasp and vibrant coloured beads.
525mm approximately

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