A Fine Egyptian Carnelian Heart Amulet

Item Description

C. 1570-1070 BC – New Kingdom Period
Name: Ab or Hati
Meaning: The power of living and will.
A fine example of a carnelian heart amulet with side projections of arteries. Egyptian believed the heart or Ab was a source of intelligence, actions and feelings. Memories were believed to be stored in the heart so that in the afterlife, this organ was able to speak on behalf of the deceased. These were one of the most significant of amulets of all and were set on the upper torso of every mummy, often in numbers.
Minor chip and light scratch mark to surface otherwise superb example with strong colour. Complete with suspension loophole.
Ref: Amulets by W. M. Flinders Petrie. Similar examples to Plate I
Ex Ede Collection
20mm height



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