A Pair of RARE Harpietida Harpes Trilobite Species From Moroccan

Item Description

Lower Devonian Period- C. 390-420 Million Years Ago

Order to which the fossil belongs: Harpetida
Name of which the family belongs: Harpetidae

A pair of Harpetida, one of the nine orders of the extinct arthropod class Trilobite which lived from the Upper Cambrian to the Late Devonian period. Harpid trilobites are not only very rare but among the most collectable trilobites in the world. The trilobite is enrolled and typically has 12 or more thoracic segments and a tiny pygidium.

It is characterized among trilobites by bearing a semicircular brim around the cephalon (head), which is thought to serve as a filter-feeding apparatus and stretches backward on either side of the head.

A nice example of a pair of Harpetida on a stone matrix with crisp definition.

Matrix: 60mm x 120mm
Harpietida: 25mm x 35mm approx.    30mm x 45mm



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