Ca Mau Shipwreck Blue & White Glazed Porcelain Tea Bowl & Saucer

Item Description

C. 1725

The nice example of a blue & white glazed tea bowl and saucer, both with Batavian brown underside. The tea bowl features a central flower medallion,  with wall lappet panels of flowering landscapes to the interior. The saucer features a beautiful blue and white floral landscape scene depicting with a flowering prunus.

The Ca Mau shipwreck was discovered in 1998 by two Vietnamese fisherman in the South China sea in the area of Ca Mau. The junk had set sail for a 90 mile journey south of Canton (now known as Guangzhou) to Batavia (now Jakarta), when a fire broke out in the kitchen causing the ship to sink. After 280 years the junk was discovered, although it took two years to fully recover all the cargo due to bad weather conditions. The cargo consisted of a total of 76,000 pieces including tea bowls, saucers, and dishes, some of which had a brown finish, although the majority of the porcelain was blue and white. All the Chinese Imperial porcelain was produced in the kilns of Jingdezhen.

In excellent condition with strong colour and fine detail.

Size: Tea bowl: 68mm diam x 36mm height

Saucer: 108mm diam



No Longer Available