Egyptian Bronze Statue of Nefertum Wearing Lotus Crown

Item Description

C. 332-30 BC – Ptolemaic Period

A bronze standing statue of the God Nefertum, son of Ptah and Sakhmet, lion-goddess Sakhmet. Nefertum is depicted wearing a crown comprised of a lotus blossom, topped with two tall feathers. Nefertum was born out of a lotus flower on the mound of creation, therefore is closely connected with the lotus, sun and creation.

Crude detail with legs missing otherwise a nice detail. Stand included.

Ref: Similar example in the Metropolitan museum of Art, Accession Number: 89.2.519.

Provenance: Ex P. M. Collection. Ex Constable Collection.

Size: 77mm height with stand. 52mm height without stand.



No Longer Available