Egyptian Faience Amulet: White Crown of Upper Egypt

Item Description

C. 713-332 BC – Late Period

A very pale green faience of the white crown of upper Egypt also known as the Hedjet Crown. Both the Upper and Lower Crowns of Egypt represent royal power and bestowed royal status on the deceased, who was identified with the king of the after world, Osiris. Crowns are also believed to bare great magical power.

History: The unification of the two predynastic kingdoms were marked at the beginning of the Dynastic Period 3100 BC as the upper and lower Egypt. Kingship had been the base of Egyptian society for some time, with Namar being the first King thus far known to be depicted wearing the distinctive crown of each realm.

Intact and in good condition.

Ref: Amulets by W. M. Flinders Petrie. Similar examples to Plate IV.

Provenance: Provincial Auction. West Sussex Collection, pre 1970’s.

Size: 21mm



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