Egyptian Faience Green Glazed Ushabti

Item Description

C. 713-332 BC – Late Period

A nice example of a green glazed ushabti wearing a tripartite wig and holding two flails with a seed basket over left shoulder.

Intact with good detail and some light earthy surface deposits.

Provenance: Collection of Lionel Walrond. Attached ticket dates 7-8-1951. He was born in 1927 in Somerset where his parents were tenant farmers on a small dairy farm. By his 18th birthday, he discovered three Roman mosaics, one of which was the famous Low Ham Villa mosaic which has pride place in the Museum of Somerset. Lionel collected local historical artefacts and set up his own museum on the farm. He moved to Stroud in 1955 where he became a member of local and national historical societies and was elected fellow of the Museum Association.

Size: 120mm length



No Longer Available