Egyptian Faience Shabti of Psamtek With Hieoglyphs

Item Description

C. 525-343 BC – 30th Dynasty, Late Period

A interesting example of an olive green faience shabti of Psamtek, with a long beard and wearing a tripartite wig. He holds a pick and a hoe with a seed bag over left shoulder. He stands on an integral plinth and has a raised dorsal pillar on the back which bears two vertical columns of inscription which translates to:

The illuminated one, the Osiris, the Controller of the Estate(s), Psamtek, true of voice, born (to the Lady of the) House, ? -ankhes

Only two other shabtis for Psamtek are known: one is in Paray-le-Monial, France and the other is in the Manchester Museum.

Provenance: From a Worcester deceased estate.

Slightly chipped otherwise a nice example with good clear hieroglyphs.

Size: 96mm



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