Egyptian Faience Shabti With Hieroglyphs of Ir-en-di-khonsu

Item Description

C. 332-30 BC – Late Ptolemaic Period

An interesting pale green glazed Shabti of Ir-en-di-khonsu, wearing a tripartite wig and with arms folded holding a pair of hoes. He has a long beard and large ears with a cord bag over left shoulder. There are five horizontal rows of hieroglyphs running across the front of the body and continuing down the back pillar. There is also incised text to the pedestal base.

Inscription reads, “the one who acts for (the) gift of Khonsu’, and preceded by the term Imah (the revered one).”

Intact with good clear detail to hieroglyphs.

Provenance: Ex J. Bird Collection, Ex Timeline 2014, Ex North London Collection early 1980’s.

104mm height



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