Egyptian Faience Shabti With Hieroglyphs of Sameref Priest

Item Description

C. 713-332 BC – Late Period

A beautiful green glazed faience shabti, showing arms folded holding a hoe and wearing a tripartite wig. He has a seed basket over left shoulder and hieroglyphs running down the front of the body, and back down the back pillar.

Front: “The Osiris, the Sameref priest (“His beloved Son”, plays the role of Horus in the Opening of the Mouth ritual), Hor-Udja”.

Back: “Born of Ta-sherit-en-hor-bes (The child of Horus-Bes(?).”

An interesting shabti and in excellent condition with finely carved hieroglyphs.

Provenance: Private deceased estate, Gloucester. Previously acquired by a London estate, 1960’s-1980’s.

Size: 89mm height approx



No Longer Available