Greek, Hellenistic Terracotta Statuette Of Goddess Kore

Item Description

C. 5th-6th century BC

A terracotta statuette of Kore, goddess of spring’s bounty and queen of the underworld and wife of Hades; god of the dead. Kore was captured by Hades and carried off to the underworld to be his bride. Demeter; her mother despaired at her disappearance and searched throughout the world for her; accompanied by the goddess Hekate bearing torches. Demeter was furious to learn that Zeus had conspired in her daughter’s abduction and refused to let the earth fruit until Kore was returned. Zeus consented; although as the goddess Kore had tasted the food of Hades; she was forced to forever spend a part of the year with her husband in the underworld.

Repaired and hand missing with surface deposits otherwise intact.

Provenance: Ex S Collection from 1994. Complete with old collection photo.

Size: 155mm height



No Longer Available