Large Egyptian Faience Shabti With Hieroglyphs For Nes-Ankh-ef-en-Maat

Item Description

C.  XXII Dynasty- 945-715 BC.

An interesting blue glazed shabti wearing a tripartite wig and holding a pair of hoes, with black painted facial features, seed-bag and hieroglyphs down the front of the body.

Hieroglyphs read: wsir Hm-nTr n Jmm ns-anX.f n mAat mAa-xrw-maat.

Meaning: ‘The Osiris, the priest of Amun, Nes Ankh-ef-en-maat, true-of -voice’

Repaired otherwise clear hieroglyphs and of a large size.

Book references:

Jane’s ‘Shabtis’ no. 48a and 48b.

Jane’s ‘Shabtis’ Collections / 2′ No. 27.

Jane’s ‘Shabtis’ Collections / 5′ No. 131.

Provenance: Julian Bird, London, acquired Christies, lot 132, April 2001. C.N. 747.

Inger and Lars Rosens collection, Malmo, Sweeden formed before 1950.

14.7cm height



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