Large Egyptian Glazed Faience Funerary Scarab

Item Description

C. 1070-713 BC – Third Intermediate Period

A nice sized pale blue/grey glazed faience funerary scarab amulet depicts a scarab beetle, with four piercings around the perimeter and a cross engraved to the flat base.

Scarabs often called naturalistic scarabs or funerary scarabs, may have been used only as amulets for mummies. The ancient Egyptians associated the scarab beetle’s behaviour, with the movement of the sun through the sky. They believed that the beetle generated spontaneously in the ground. Its association with the sun god and the belief in the scarab’s self-generation, meant this was a potent amulet, believed to bear the power of life and regeneration.

Fine carvings and in excellent condition with some light earthy surface deposits.

Provenance; Ex J. C. Collection. Ex J. L. Collection.

Ref: Similar example in Amulets by Petrie, page VII.

Size: 31mm length



No Longer Available