Medieval Personal Lead Seal Matrix

Item Description

C. 13th century

A circular lead personal seal matrix engraved with an eight-petaled flower to centre, and an personal inscription to border which reads, “+ S’ WILL’ F’ Th?PERET?”. The reverse is decorated with a cross.

The inscription begin with a cross at the top then “S”, “SIG”, or “SIGILLUM” (Latin for seal), followed by the Christian name of the owner, then either the letter “F” or “FIL” (Latin for son or daughter) and finally the Christian name of the father.

A person of sufficient rank owned an individual seal matrix engraved with their own design. The wax impression attached to documents, letters etc, ensured that it would arrive at its destination unopened and unread.

Intact with good detail.

Provenance: Ex Sullivan family Collection, collected over last 20 years.

Size: 27mm diam



No Longer Available