Prionolepis Cataphractus Fossil From Lebanon. Nice Example

Item Description

Middle Cretaceous Period- C. 95 Million Years Ago

Order to which the fossil belongs: Alepisauriformes
Name of which the family belongs: Prionolepidides

This Prionolepis clearly shows a fish preserved in its stomach which may have been too much for the Prionolepis to handle, leading to the death of the predator. This is a higher bony fish which was extinct by the Upper Cretaceous Period. It is a middle sized fish with a long, tapered body and a pointed snout and a series of high serrated scales. The reverse depicts another fish and a shrimp.

Good definition of the Prionolepis fish on a matrix of sub-oolitic limestone.

Matrix: 79mm x 217mm
Fish: 190mm length
Prey: 80mm approx



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