Rare Old Babylonian Clay Cuneiform Tablet Fragment

Item Description

C. 3rd – 2nd millennium BC

An inscribed, clay cuneiform tablet. Sumerian cuneiform is known as the earliest writing system, developed from pictographs and other various symbols, which were used to represent livestock and trade goods onto clay tablets.  It was first developed in Mesopotamia by the Sumerians, around 3000 BC. The are recognised by the wedge-shaped marks, made by pressing a blunt reed into wet clay tablets.

Although a fragment with some traces of glue, it has good clear text remaining. VERY RARE.

Provenance: Part of a specialised collection of cuneiform texts, the property of a London gentleman and housed in London before 1992. Thence by descent to family members.

Size: H: 33mm x W 49mm



No Longer Available