Superb Carcharocles (Carcharodon) Megalodon Tooth

Item Description

Miocene Period- C. 10 Million Years Old

Order to which the fossil belongs:   Lamniformes
Name of which the family belongs: Otodontidae

A beautiful example of a glossy tooth from the Upper jaw of a megalodon shark. The genus carcharocles is an extinct lineage of sharks and is one of the planet’s largest predators, estimated at 13m (42 1/2 ft) long. They had roughly 24 teeth in the upper jaw and about 20 teeth in the lower. The crown of the tooth is triangular with a extremely large root. The species Carcharocles megalodon lived in warm seas and were the largest and youngest of its lineage. Found in the Charleston Area, South Carolina, USA.

Excellent example with good serrations.

Size: W: 70mm x H: 91mm



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