Bronze Age Palestave Axe Head With Loop. Superb Patina

Item Description

C. 1300 BC

A nice example of a palestave axe head with a slightly curved cutting edge and square butt with a deep pocket. The side flanges and stop ridge, which are fused together to form a pocket on both sides of the axe, enable the axe to be held firmly in place in the wooden haft and in order for it not to slip or be pushed back. The axe has bevelled edges and a small loop on its side for binding the axe to its haft. It is decorated with raised triangular ribs to the front of the flanges.

Some light scratch marks and damage to flange edges otherwise a superb example with a beautiful smooth, glossy, dark patina. Old collection labels affixed.

Found Norfolk

Ref: Celtic & Roman Artefacts by N. Mills, similar example to page 17.

Provenance: Ex M. G. Weller Collection

Size: 165mm



No Longer Available