Very Large Egyptian Bronze Anubis

Item Description

C. 664–525 BC – Late Period, 26th Dynasty

A nice example of a solid cast bronze figure of Anubis standing on a rectangular, integrated base which was mounted onto a black base. The god Anubis is shown striding with his left leg forward, as he keeps his elongated arms stiff at his sides. He wears a pleated loincloth and has bands around his arms.

The god of the dead and the process of embalming and associated with the afterlife. Anubis brought souls into the afterlife and would be present during the weighing of the heart ceremony which determined whether a soul would be allowed to enter the realm of the dead.

A fine example with good detail, a nice dark patina and some green surface deposits.

Ref: Similar example in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Accession Number: 04.2.427.

Provenance: Ex USA Collection, 1970’s.
Ex R. H. German Collection, 2010, (through Artemis Gallery).
Ex Alexander Art, 2010.
Ex Keane Collection.

Size: 92mm height x 98mm length



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