Woolly Rhinoceros Tooth from Russia – Coelodonta Antiquitatus

Item Description

C. Pleistocene Period – 2.6 – 11.6  Million years old

Order to which the fossil belongs: Perissodactyla
Name of which the family belongs: Rhinocerotidae
Informal name of the fossil: Woolly Rhinoceros

One of the most striking features of the woolly rhinoceros were its shaggy coat, two horns arranged in tandem, and its prominent shoulder hump. It has two types of hair like the woolly mammoth: a coarse guard hair and a fine under fur for insulation. The cheek teeth are high-crowned, with thick rugose enamel and have a heavy covering of dental cement. As the woolly rhinoceros was a grazer, it fed on tundra grasses and low-growing shrubs. The typical length of a woolly rhinoceros was 4meters and weighed as much as 4,000 – 6,000 pounds.

Although enamel is cracked and chipped, it is a nice example in good condition.

Size: 80mm H x 70mm L x  55mm D



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