Carcharadontosaurus Saharicus North African T-Rex Fossil Dinosaur Teeth

Item Description

Cretaceous Period- C. 145-93 Million Years Ago

Order to which the fossil belongs: Saharicus 
Name of which the family belongs: Carcharodontosauridae

Nice examples from the dinosaur Carcharadontosaurus saharicus (African T-Rex), one of the largest predators of all time. It is related to the Allosaurus and the South American Giganotosaurus, and is larger than the North American T-Rex, its distant cousin. Its length can range between 12 and 13 meters (39-43.5 ft), with a height of 3.6 meters (12 ft) at the hip, and weighing between 6 and 15 metric tons. Dinosaurs continually replaced their teeth as to keep a sharp set and the Carcharodontosaurus had somewhere around 32 teeth in its massive jaws. They were active hunters with teeth designed to slash and strip meat from the bones. They had a shortened forelimbs and large powerful jaws which are typical features of carnivorous dinosaurs.

Possible repair to the small tooth with chip to tip on one tooth with good remains of enamelling and serration.

Size: 31mm – 34mm length approx



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