Egyptian Faience Green/Blue Amulet Of Ptah Seker

Item Description

C. 1070-713 BC – Third Intermediate Period

A blue/green glazed faience amulet of the dwarf-god Ptah Seker or Pataikos. He is a deity worshipped as a creator god and patron of craftsmen. Pataikos is portrayed standing with hands clasped on his protruding stomach and has a disproportionally large head, with suspension loop to the rear of the neck.

Amulets were worn by the ancient Egyptians for decorative purposes, as well as being considered to protect from harm, illness or misfortune and bestow power upon the wearer.

Repaired head with surface deposits otherwise good glaze and detail.

Ref: Similar example in The Metropolitan Museum, accession number 74.51.4465.

Provenance: Ex D. S. Collection, West Sussex, collected 1990’s-2000’s.

Size: 42mm height



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