Woolly Mammoth Tooth from The North Sea – Mammuthus Primigenius

Item Description

C. Pleistocene Period – 2 million – 11,000 years ago

Order to which the fossil belongs: Proboscidea
Name of which the family belongs: Elephantidae
Informal name of the fossil: Mammoth

Mammoths are thought to have grazed on low shrubs and grasses. Mammoths teeth consist of a series of plates composed of enamel surrounding a dentine core. The thickness and number of plates determines the species and age of the tooth. On average a mammoth would go through six sets of teeth through their lifetime, each tooth was slowly ground down and replaced by a larger one. At about 60 years of age, when the final pair was finished, the animal was no longer able to chew its food and would eventually die from starvation.

A nice example and in good condition.

Size: L 215mm x W 75mm x H 147mm approx



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