Large Egyptian Double Sided Steatite Scaraboid Decorated With Hathor

Item Description

C. 1640-1500 BC – Hyksos Period

A large and finely carved double sided steatite scaraboid decorated with the bust of Hathor, the goddess of the sky, love, music, fertility, foreign lands and the patron goddess of miners. She is flanked by uraei and the sign for beautiful and good (nefer), with a leaf motif at the very top. The other side is decorated with the hieroglyph for gold ‘nbw’ at the bottom, with three Ankh’s (sign of life) and two Ostrich feathers of Maat, a symbol of the goddess of truth and justice.

A chipped edge otherwise an excellent example with fine carvings and a large piece.

Provenance: Ex A. H. Collection.

Size: 29mm length



No Longer Available