Ordovician Starfish Petraster From Morocco

Item Description

Ordovician Period- C. 450 Million Years Ago

Order to which the fossil belongs: Petraster 
Name of which the family belongs: Asteroidea

The petrastser starfish is found in the Ordovician deposits of Morocco. This specimen is a member of the Asteroidea, or True Starfish and moves by means of tube feet rather than by the sinuous movements of the arms.

The asteroids are marine animals which extend back into the Ordovician, many of the species popularly called starfish. The majority have five arms but some species have more. On the underside is the mouth which is central placed and there are five ambulacral grooves, which house the muscular, soft, tube feet, used for burrowing, walking and also manipulating prey.

Although repaired, it is a nice piece with nice definition.

Size of Starfish: 36mm x 41mm

Matrix: 86mm x 117mm



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