Polished Goniatite Button From Morocco

Item Description

Devonian Period – C. 400 Million Years Old

Order to which the fossil belongs: Goniatida

Location: The Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

These ammonites are known as having the Goniatite septal pattern, which ammonites develop, with intricate folds termed lobed and saddles. The septa is the separations between individual chambers. There are three basic patterns which are as follows:

Goniatiitc: Irregular zigzag
Ceratitic: Regular wavy
Ammonitic: Intricate, fernlike

These patterns are shown on the exterior of the shell as sutures. This has been polished to show the sutures in all their glory and the surrounding rock shaped into a round or oval “button”.  The shell Goniatites possessed was divided internally into chambers and filled with gas for buoyancy. At the front of the shell was an open chamber which provided living space for the animal.

A nice piece with good detail.

Size: H: 30mm x L: 101mm x W: 110mm



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