Sikhote-Alin Iron Meteorite Fragment

Item Description

C. February 12, 1947 Maritime Province north of Vladavistok, Russia

The Sikhote-Alin fall was one of the largest and most famous meteorite showers in human history. At approximately 10:30am on February 12, a huge explosion that took place high above the Sikhote-Alin mountains of Siberia, which was witnessed by thousands of people up to 300 km away from the impact site near Luchegorsk, Siberia. It is estimated to have been travelling at 31,000 miles per hour and over 23 tons has been recovered by Russian expeditions. Luckily, the immediate area of impact was not populated and therefore no one was injured.

Nice fragment covered by regmaglypts, caused by severe melting during the meteorites descent through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Weight: 29.71g

Size: 22mm x 30mm



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