Egyptian New Kingdom Faience Bead Necklace

Item Description

C. 1570-30 BC – New Kingdom to Ptolemaic Period

A  restrung Egyptian necklace consisting of five lotus petal beads, and a selection of vibrant faience tubular beads and small flattened discs beads, typical of the New Kingdom period. The amulets consists of three white and yellow lotus petal beads with a turquoise petal at each end.

The Egyptian believed the Lotus flower to be very previous as they were given as offerings to the gods. The white lotus flower represented rebirth and creation, as they opened during the day and closed at night. The blue lotus flower represented the renewal of life as it opened at night and closed during the day.

A beautifully restrung wearable necklace with a modern clasp and vibrant coloured beads.

Size: 500mm approx



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