Mosasaur Tooth With Root From Morocco

Item Description

Cretaceous Period- C. 70 Million Years Ago

Order to which the fossil belongs:  Squamata
Name of which the family belongs: Mosasauridae
Informal name of the fossil: Mosasaur

Mosasaurs were large marine carnivores, feeding on fish, birds & other marine animals. Some species reaching lengths of 50 feet. They were fast, streamline and sleek with large flipper like paddles for arms and legs and a tail fin. Its teeth have a re-curved crown, almost smooth and slightly triangular in cross-section and is set on a bulbous root. Unlike other lizards, the individual teeth were located in separate sockets and not attached to the side of the jaw.

Nice example with small shark tooth to the left

Size: Tooth & Root: 14mm x 57mm length approx

Rock: 75mm x 102mm approx



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