Diplomystus Birdi Fish Fossil From Hjoula, Lebanon

Item Description

Middle Cretaceous, Cenomanian Stage – C. 98 Million Years Ago

Order to which the fossil belongs: Ellimmichyiformes
Name of which the family belongs: Ellimmichthyidae

A nice example of a Diplomystus Birdi fish from Hjoula, Byblos, Lebanon. It is a precursor to the well-known fish Diplomystus dentatus, from the Eocene Green River deposits of Wyoming. Meaning that this particular genus lasted well over 45 million years and became extinct during the Miocene period. The serrated scales of the underside are a characteristic of the taxon.

Good definition of the Diplymystus fish on a matrix.

Matrix: 80mm x 101mm length
Diplomystus: 50mm length



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