Extremely Large Egyptian Faience Double Sided Eye Of Horus Amulet

Item Description

C. 713-332 BC – Late Period

A beautiful blue glazed double sided Eye of Horus amulet with incised detail, pierced longitudinally.

In Ancient Egypt, The Eye of Horus amulet, also known as Uzat or ‘Wedjat’ was one of the most popular amulets, meaning “the one that is sound.” It represents the healed eye of the god Horus. As Horus was associated with a falcon, it depicts a combination of a human and a falcon eye. In Egyptian mythology, the god Seth stole or injured Horus’ eye, but Thoth restored it. The Wedjat eye amulet symbolises rebirth and is believed to have healing powers, and thought to protect its wearer and to transfer the power of regeneration onto him or her.

Slightly chipped and of a very large size with fine detail.

Ref: The British Museum, Registration number 1916,0212.113.

Provenance: Ex P. M. Collection.  Ex Constable collected in 1997.

Size: 53mm x 37mm



No Longer Available